The Inspection - electric car

With a tacky, plastic Dashboard Jesus firmly in place I felt I could pass any test (even though I may be going straight to hell now!) so I had the car loaded onto a transporter and whisked away to Auckland city. A couple of days later I drove the car to the inspectors to be checked. It was a drawn out process which involved everything from thrashing the car on the freeway, to whacking it's underside with a crowbar. Fortunately for me I followed the rulebook (included in the ebook) to the letter and after 4 hours of poking, prodding, and abusing, the car had finished.

To my delight the car had flown through the inspection without a single hiccup! I was over the moon! It meant my electric Mitsubishi was ready to be sent back to New Plymouth and made legal – almost.

I still had one more (different) inspection to go. This one was less involved than the main inspection and focused mainly on safety and braking. This is where the old Tredia brakes let me down. It failed the breaking test and I had to get some work done on the brakes before I could make it all legal.

Drat! So close! Nevermind, I got a mechanic to sort it out and before I knew it, the car was finally legally allowed on New Zealand roads! Yeehaa! The feeling of driving past the gas stations was like taking some sort of drug. I finally understood what the “EV grin” was all about. All those months of trial and error, all those mistakes, all that learning – it was absolutely worth it!

I hope this has inspired you to get off the sofa and start your own conversion. It's definitely worth it!

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