Video 17 – The Charging System

I have to try and come down from the immense high of test driving the car. Nothing brings you down faster than realizing your car needs recharging though, so with that in mind I had to put together my charging system. I used the one-charger-per-battery method, including the use of a multi-pin plug where the gas cap normally goes. It was quite a masterpiece: the negative and positive of each battery had it's own charging lead connected, and it was all wired back to a big collection of chargers in a big box.

I learned a lot about wattage, charging times and losses from this method of charging – all of which I explain in the ebook so that you can learn from my mistakes. This method can work well (and save you heaps of money in the process) but you have to know how to do it right. With the charging system completed, the car was off to Auckland (New Zealand's biggest city) to get inspected! Nervous times ahead...

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