Video 16 – Electric Car Conversion - The Test Drive

Video 17 – The Charging System

Woohoo! It's alive! I waited for the road to be completely empty before taking the car for it's first test drive on that calm evening of Friday the 23rd of November, 2007. I turned the ignition on, turned on the headlights and crawled down the driveway. Our quiet street was still empty in the nighttime air so I turned the car upwards and pressed gently on the accelerator.

The Curtis 1231C whined into life and pushed the car gently up the hill. Gradually the car increased in speed. I noticed the road noise is louder than in my Nissan. After I reached the crest of the small incline 50 metres from our house, I pressed down harder on the accelerator to see what would happen. WOW!

I didn't expect such a rush of power! This thing can move! I regained myself, turned the car around at the end of the street and brought the car safely back home. What a thrill! The car's certainly not finished but MAN that was fun! The work has all been worth it that's for sure!

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