Video 15 – Electric Car Conversion - Wiring Up

Video 16 – The Test Drive

We're almost ready for our first test drive. The batteries are in, the motor's in, the components are all in. All that's left now is to join the dots (or is that bolts?) and flick the switch. Of course it wasn't that simple – I had to slither underneath the car for a couple of hours installing the thick “drive” cables inside their protective PVC tubing.

I put all the main drive cables inside a snug clear tubing to protect them from stones and moisture. It did the trick too – I never had a problem with the cables being damaged.

Even after a year or two of driving, the cables were always in spotless condition with the protective sheath taking the brunt of any damage. I also made sure the cables ran inside the (now empty) section where the exhaust ran. This meant that if I ran over a block of concrete etc, the cables wouldn't be crushed or damaged underneath the car. After a late evening of connecting and drilling, I was ready to flick the switch...

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