Video 14 –Installing the Batteries

Video 15 – Wiring Up

They're here at long last! The batteries have arrived, ready to go to their new (mobile) home!
I picked them up and rushed them home, where I tried installing them into the car. They fitted perfectly thanks to my measurements. Actually they had a little bit of space around the edges so we cut up a few very thin strips of wood & rubber to make them fit in tightly, but also so that they'll have a little shock-absorption when driving over bumpy roads.

The next challenge was finding a way to make them stay there in the event of an accident. The rules say the batteries must be restrained in the event of an accident, so I went about using stainless steel strapping.

There are a couple of other popular methods I mention in the ebook, but for now the strapping seemed like the best (cheapest) idea. To remove the risk of short-circuiting, I insulated each stainless steel strap using rubber tubing. This made sure the batteries wouldn't self-destruct in the event of an accident or if a battery leaks.

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