Video 13 - Installing the Control Panel

Every car should have a control panel. Even though this was my first conversion (and a real learning curve) I knew that things would look tidy sitting in a box, on a shelf. Now that I've had a few years of experience I realize that I was right on the money.

I recommend that everyone converting a car has a component shelf or control panel for things to sit on, as it makes all the difference when the conversion is complete. Imagine yourself pulling up to the shops when someone points out your car is electric (it happens a lot) and asks to have a look under the hood.
This is when they'll have their camera/cellphone out, snapping up pictures to put on the internet.

The last thing you want is to have people pulling your project apart online, saying how messy it is and how awful your skills are. Just having a tidy conversion can make up for a lack of performance or power in the eyes of the average curious pedestrian. Be proud of your work; make it tidy.

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