Video 12 - Installing the Battery Racks

We're getting closer! I've only got a handful of things to do before the batteries arrive, the most important being the installation of battery racks. Here's a mistake I made: I hired a local welder to make these battery racks up for me. I shouldn't have – it cost me time and money – a rookie mistake.

For my next set of battery racks in the second EV I'm going to not use a paid welder. What's my secret? It's all about networking! I've found people who know people, and they're willing to do work for free or in exchange for other things I can network to them. It all adds up to a cheap conversion, with the added bonus of making new friends.

After some initial problems with getting the front battery rack to fit, I had it re-sized and it slotted right in. The welder popped over, made some impressive sparks, and before you knew it I had the skeleton of an EV sitting in the garage.

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