Video 11 - Installing the Heater

By New Zealand law all converted cars need heaters in order to demist the windscreen. No problem!
I went with the most common method (I chucked the full instructions into the ebook) of using an existing 230 volt household heater element, and modifying it to fit into the Mitsubishi's heater core.

I then installed it into the heater core, and had to fill in the gaps leftover from the element. This part was an absolute piece of cake; I only needed a saw and some sealant and some time to let it cure.

Once dry, I installed the core back into the car and wired it up through a solid state relay, so that the heater element would only turn on when the fan is on. It was a piece of cake also and only took me 30 minutes to have the whole thing wired up and ready to go. There's a couple of pitfalls to be aware of and something I'd do differently in the next conversion which I explain in the ebook, but you'll have to wait and see what they are!

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