Video 10 - Installing the Motor

Video 11 – Installing the Heater

Although it was late at night, I'd just driven 240 miles and getting a bit worn out I was still desperate to see my new motor! It was well packaged and ready to be taken back home to be installed. I couldn't wait to get home to fit it to the car so the next morning we headed back home and I took it to the local engineer.

The engineer did a beautiful job, but for my next conversion I'd do it myself and save a thousand dollars. When I was researching the ebook I learned about a couple of interesting and cheap methods to make your own adapter plates for next to nothing. I made sure to include them in my ebook.

Once I'd come back from Slovakia with a new wife on my arm (crikey, that sounds like I'd bought her from a catalog!) I got busy installing the motor into the car. It bolted onto the gearbox quite easily and I was then able to do a test spin with the wheels off the ground.

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