Electric Car Conversion Videos...

I hope you enjoy these videos of my very first electric car conversion. The conversion began in 2007 and was a huge learning curve. Oh if only I could have known then what I know now! I could have cut the conversion in half, both in cost and time!

Video1: Collecting the Donor Car

Video2: Dismantling the Donor Car

Video 3 Painting the Donor Car

Video 4 Cleaning the Exxon Valdez

Video 5 Removing the Clutch

Video 6 The Gearbox Problem

Video 7 Buying the Motor

Video 8 In the Meantime

Video 9 Installing the Pot Box

Video 10 Installing the Motor

Video 11 – Installing the Heater

Video 12 – Installing the Battery Racks

Video 13 – Installing the Control Panel

Video 14 – Installing the Batteries

Video 15 – Wiring Up

Video 16 – The Test Drive

Video 17 – The Charging System

Video 18 – The Electric Car Inspection