Electric Conversion Made Easy
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"Learn How To Convert Your Car To Run On Electricity And Slash Your Gas Costs To Zero. "

Electric Car Conversion Made Easy - Behind The Scenes

Converting cars to run on electricity has become a growing trend in recent years. A trend which was heavily fueled by last year's extreme gas prices. Now as the economy starts to recover the price of gas is resuming its ever-upward climb.

Coupled with the fact that affordable, factory-made electric cars are still many years away, it's evident why so many motorists have given up waiting and beaten the oil companies at their own game, keeping money in their pockets instead.

"Over 50% of the people who attempt to convert a car to run on electricity simply give up out of fear of the unknown," says Gavin Shoebridge - the author of the new eBook Electric Vehicle Conversion Made Easy. He has already converted his own car to electric and says, "The information you need is out there - but it takes many months of research and question asking to find it all out - and that sets a lot of people off."

Mr Shoebridge grew weary of filling his car with gas each week and decided to do something about it. He writes on his website: "Changing my car's motor oil was the limit of my mechanical ability so the thought of converting a car to electricity seemed terrifying." Yet he persevered through trial and error to convert his broken-down gas clunker into a fast, reliable electric car.

He says: "Over the course of a few months I learned what worked; what didn't work; how to do things cheaper - and how to do things smarter - and I compiled it all into an easy to understand, plain-English eBook packed full with diagrams & pictures and complemented with step-by-step video tutorials."

electric conversion madesimple review His 142-page publication & video tutorials break down complex issues into plain English, such as deciding how many batteries are needed to get the range required, how to join the motor to the gearbox, and where to find good second hand parts. By interviewing other converters in various stages of their conversion he was able to provide many different options, allowing the reader to personalize their conversion and reduce cost in the process.

=> Check out Gav's website for a full run-through of exactly what's covered in each chapter of the eBook.

During his research Mr. Shoebridge purchased various books that were on offer but he was always left disappointed. "They either left me with unanswered questions, or I was confused with charts & formulas I couldn't use in the real world." He continues, "And when I needed to ask questions about my own conversion there was no one to turn to." My website solves this problem by offering ongoing support to all customers, setting them apart from other electric car publications. "

After owning an electric car for almost two years Mr Shoebridge took his wife to Tahiti on the $3000 trip he saved with his electric vehicle not needing to buy any gas. He says, "Instead of shelling out at the pump, I put that $40 a week into a jar instead - and before you know it I was in Tahiti!" He continues, "It's hard to describe the feeling you get when you drive silently past a gas station in your electric car. Everybody should be doing this and now with my eBook the fear of the unknown can no longer stand in people's way."


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