The Answer Is YES... You can build your own Electric Car - and for much LESS than you might expect. Best of all, the entire process is incredibly simple...

From: Gavin Shoebridge, New Plymouth - New Zealand
Bio: An electric vehicle nut

My name is Gavin Shoebridge and I'm an electric vehicle nut and avid environmentalist.

What I'm about to tell you will change the way you look at electric car conversions.

Please read my story and I'll show you exactly how to start building your own electric car - saving thousands of dollars in fuel each year, while doing your bit for the environment.

check box No problem if you don’t have automotive knowledge or experience.
check box No problem if you think this could be long, difficult project .
check box No problem if you’ve never done a conversion before.
check box No problem if you don't have typical "DIY skills".
check box No problem if you fear you might get it all wrong.

Will you be one of the many people who will try to build their own electric car in the next 30 days? Some will succeed with fast, reliable, economical electric vehicles... And others will fail - or simply give up.

So what makes the difference? Why can some do it and others can’t? How can you be sure to complete an electric car conversion that isn't a complete failure that ended up costing you thousands? Are those the sort of questions racing through your mind as you wonder if it’s really worth the risk & hassle?

But on the other hand, what if it really does work?

What if you could legally convert your car to run on electricity and...
Get a Federal Income tax credit of up to $4000? (*)
Reduce your Carbon Emissions by as much as 100%?
Reduce your impact towards Climate Change
Save truckloads of money on fuel - while laughing at rising gas prices?
* (for US Citizens)
Your dream is to do it yourself, but that takes a lot of planning and information.
Where in the world will you get everything you need to succeed?

Well, you’ve come to the right place, because I’ve already converted my car to run on electricity and I’m going to share with you all the “insider secrets” that only people who've already converted vehicles successfully would know about.

But before we go any further…I've gotta admit something:

"My neighbors actually laughed at me when I told
them I was going to convert an electric car. But only a few months later I proved them wrong

On the 12th of March 2007 I embarked on a journey: I started converting my own electric car. To be honest it was a pretty terrifying thought. I knew nothing about electric cars and changing my car's motor oil was my mechanical limit.

I told my neighbors what I was doing and they laughed, thinking I was joking! Many saw it as unnecessary, and that could be true - if it was still 1986...

Remember the 80's? Big hair, big money and no reality TV. When smoking was allowed anywhere and mobile phones were something for yuppies only. When oil flowed faster than tap water, and didn't cost much more.

That was a long time ago. Nowadays, Grandma has a cellphone and even a spoonful of oil costs more than a low-fat- double-shot-soymilk-mocha-latte.

Right now, we are living in a different world. A world where gas prices are unpredictable, and rising. A world where pollution affects every major city. A world where oil is expected to run out during our own lifetimes.

The world is currently at the mercy of foreign oil. When the oil producing nations recently raised the price of gas to $5 a gallon the global economy collapsed. We're now starting to recover from it but every month, slowly but surely, the price of gas climbs again...

The recent film Who Killed the Electric Car encouraged me to finally begin researching the project, with the experience of waiting in a nearby gas service station recently for 15 minutes being the final straw. I know it was a Saturday, but having to wait for 15 long minutes for $30 worth of something I didn't want in the first place? No thank you!

"Although I knew nothing about electric cars I was
completely determined to start my conversion project."

I jumped in the deep end. I read outdated technical books, I emailed complete strangers asking for their advice, I learned how to read schematic diagrams and visited others starting their conversions. I learned everything by trial and error: things like reading the voltmeter to determine how much power I had left, reducing the car's weight, connecting all the components, different range-extending driving techniques.
You name it, I've had to figure it out!

"A few months later I'd finally done it! I had a
powerful and quick working electric car...

I documented my conversion on YouTube and ended up with over a million watchers to date! It made me a reluctant overnight star. It wasn't long before the first TV crew arrived on my doorstep either.

The thing is, I'm just a regular person, which basically means if I can do it anyone can. I poured all my knowledge into my "Electric Conversion Made Easy" ebook and the attached video tutorials because people are actually demanding it.

So here I am... detailing every time-saving & cost-cutting conversion technique I've seen, used or reproduced for the entire world to see. It took a bit of persuasion from some really great EV enthusiasts, but after about a thousand emails of similar questions I thought, "What the heck!" and agreed to write it.
It's been a lot of fun too!

Being on a budget, I was forced to figure out a lot of stuff on my own, in my own garage. There's been lots of trial and error (that's an understatement) though the ideas have ended up very working well.

I ended up showing some of the ideas in the ebook to other converters I know and it's worked extremely well for them too. There's been a flow-on effect as they've started telling other converters some of these ideas too. That really makes me feel like I've created something useful – as well as an electric car.

So yes, the information has made a lot of people happy and I'm happy to show you too, even though I want you to know up front that I'm not an engineer or a professional mechanic. I can’t teach you how to read boring and useless electric schematics – nor would I want to. I can only show you the real-world, practical steps required - because from my experience, and that of the other converters I've spoken to, that’s really is, all you're going to need for a successful electric car conversion. Cool huh? .

I'm absolutely thrilled that the ideas in my “Electric Conversion Made Easy” ebook have proven so successful to other electric car converters so far, which makes me confident that it's going to work well for you too.

"When armed with the right information,
you can build an efficient & reliable electric vehicle
from the comfort of your own garage or backyard...

Interestingly, most converters simply skip the planning stage. Sure, they might shop around for the best price on batteries or an electric motor, but that’s about it. This is often because they didn't know exactly what to plan for.

Either way, a lack of planning is the downfall of many converters. It's also strange, because planning isn't boring or slow. It's quick & fun – when you're armed with the right information of course. Some think they can simply buy some batteries and an electric motor and their project will automatically take off. Obviously for a successful conversion there’s more to it than that.
Now you can jump way ahead of the pack! I know from experience that it normally takes many months of reading, researching & emailing to uncover the answers to your electric car questions. And it usually takes a tremendous effort on your part to put all the pieces to your conversion puzzle together.

But now I can proudly present my ebook, "Electric Conversion Made Easy" to get your conversion going!

This easy-to-read ebook takes you step-by-step through every single element of planning, implementing and succeeding with your own EV conversion.

Click Here To Download The Ebook

That means saving time and money on researching answers to questions such as:
"What battery voltages should you use?"
"What are the advantages or disadvantages of using a big car?"
"What performance will you get out of a low voltage system?"
"How many batteries will you need for your required distance?"
"What about hilly driving?"
"How do I cut costs?"
"What are the rules?"
How do I make an Electric Car that goes fast?

You name the question, I've been asked it before! So one of my goals was to provide the solutions to hundreds of these typical, common scenarios to give you a completed electric vehicle that works, and works very well. I mean, who wants an EV that doesn't meet their needs?

What will "Electric Conversions Made Easy"  
method do for you?

That's a good question, so here's a breakdown of each major section: (scroll down to see the remainder of the content )


"All jokes aside, it'd take you quite a few months
to find all the resources that are in my
Electric Conversion Made Easy ebook

Let’s look at the short list of what parts you’ll actually need to begin a conversion.

For the bare minimum an electric vehicle conversion requires:

  • Electric Motor
  • Controller
  • Batteries
  • Gearbox Adapter Plate
  • Potentiometer Box
  • Main Cable
  • Circuit Breaker
  • EV Fuse
  • Vacuum Pump
  • Contactor
  • DC to DC Converter
  • Volt Meter & Amp Meter
  • Shunt
  • Inertia Switch
  • Batteries
  • KSI Relay
  • Vacuum Pump
  • Vacuum Switch
Then there are all the rules and regulations to follow like:
  • Federal laws & safety regulations
  • Crash safety standards & how to build your car to abide by these
  • Tax rebates & deductions – how to claim them in your area
  • Carpool lanes, parking "perks", free charging – do they apply to you?
  • Road tax and congestion charge exemption
And finally, you’ll have to:
  • Pass the inspection tests
  • Find insurance
  • Monitor the water level in your batteries
  • Correct potential battery, cabling & cooling issues

Speaking from experience, it often takes months to find all the reliable information you need. But if one step is missing or if one aspect of the overall electric conversion is overlooked, it all comes tumbling down.

" Over 50% of potential EV converters that I've spoken to never start their conversions out of fear of the unknown. Don't end up as a statistic too! "

I know - It’s a scary statistic. But you don’t have to give up before you start like so many others do. I get email after email telling me, "I've been putting this off for months – I just don't know where to start”. It motivated me to get the word out there, and now your major advantage is this “Electric Conversion Made Easy” guide. That's it. No more worrying or waiting. Get ready to break your oil addiction.

I've done all the hard work, I've emailed and "harassed" the experts (thanks guys!), and I've followed the progress of dozens of other converters too – learning from the mistakes made. Many months of research and experimentation are in this ebook and I'm positive the questions you're going to have are answered with this publication.

I want to save you all the aggravation and disappointment I've seen. I want you to succeed fast. And I really want to hear from you when you take your first gas-free drive! It's a pretty darn satisfying feeling!

Converting a car to run on electricity will set you free from high gas prices & high servicing costs. It'll also gave you energy independence knowing that your fuel is made where you live, not somewhere in the middle east. Just ask anyone that's already converted their car what it feels like to drive past the gas stations.

Take a second to imagine doing it yourself... I'm serious, imagine proudly popping the hood at your local gas station for the attendant to put water in your windshield washer reservoir! It's a bit cheeky - but incredibly satisfying!

Now converting a car to electricity doesn't have to be scary. It'll seem confusing for a typical first time converter(like it was for me) but once the process is broken into simple, plain English, it's something that can be done by anyone.

I've found that the kind of people that want to build electric cars are intelligent, but not mechanically-minded. And it's that part that holds them back from driving their own electric car.That's where my eBook and the Videos come in.

During my first conversion I was bombarded with questions from people who'd wanted to do the same, questions like:

  • "Do I have the skills for it?”
  • “How do I do it?”
  • “Where do I start?”
  • “What motor should I choose?”

You get the idea.

So I created the “Electric Conversion Made Easy” ebook to answer each question one by one in plain English, revealing all the cost-cutting solutions and time-saving techniques you could only learn after you've actually converted a car.

Call them “EV Secrets” if you will.

The thing is, an electric car conversion doesn't have to be confusing or scary, and with the ebook & the attached video tutorials it isn't.

" Thinking that the "Electric Conversion Made Easy" ebook is gonna cost a fortune? Relax - it's even less than a tank of gas."

In fact you can treat it like an investment. For example:

You'll be able to save quite a chunk of money on gas with a properly converted EV– so here's a realistic idea of just how much you're likely to keep in your pocket:

If your weekly gas bill is just $50 a week, that's $200 a month, or $2,400 a year. If you spend $100 a week on gas, that's $400 a month, $4,800 a year! Recharging an electric car costs around 5 cents per mile. The more creative you are and the more cost-cutting tips you try during your conversion, the faster your payback time will be. Your payback could easily be less than 12 months under the right conditions.

And each time the price of gas goes up, the more you'll save (not to mention smiling when you silently drive past the gas stations)

Many people email me asking if they should just sit and wait for a factory-built electric car from a major auto maker – but with the projected sales dates always "just a few years away" and the predicted pricing beyond $50,000 per vehicle, it means we're still a very long way from factory-built electric cars.

And every day you wait, you're burning money on gas - while clogging up the air a little more.

I gave up waiting and built my own electric car.
Why not start your own today?

There's always the option of a professional conversion (paying someone to join everything together for you) but unfortunately professional electric car conversions tend to cost on average $15,000 - largely due to the labor time involved. I've seen other converters go down this road and it's great – if you have a spare $15,000. My advice is to not let fear get in your way. I'm handing you the information you need to get the same results without the cost. It's also much more satisfying telling people you did it yourself.

Not only that, but the US government is giving taxation credits to people who drive a more environmentally friendly car. And don't forget the social & street credibility you'll grab!

How much did you spend on gas, servicing & engine repairs last year? An electric car will kill those problems as soon as you turn the key. And it can be started for the price of a tank of gas.

Here’s What Others Are Saying...

Recent testimonial: Ryan Levesque - from Massachusetts, USA

Recent testimonial: Nikki Gordon-Bloomfield from the UK

Recent email from Lillian Haase (Sydney, Australia)

"I am planning to do my own conversion and after hearing what others have said about this book I got it and I am using right now to plan my project.

I have read many other guides on the market an none of them match up to this one in terms of detail and practical usability. Gavin has done such a thorough job at making sure he missed nothing out. Even though converting a car to electric is a big job, I have confidence I can do it and this guide is something I'll lean on the whole way through.

Thanks Gavin!" Lillian Haase. Sydney, Australia

"I Want To Make It Even Easier For You...
Get 3 Super Bonuses For Immediate Action!

For those who are ready to get started today with their EV conversions, the following 3 bonuses are available.

I'm hoping to sell the following bonus materials as their own product eventually, but until I get all that set up they're to be included with your purchase today. As these are still new products you'll receive them for absolutely nothing - just by purchasing the “Electric Conversions Made Easy” package.
Yeah, I know, you've heard that one before but this actually is a limited offer at this stage.

Bonus #1

"Getting the most out of your Electric Car" ebook

($39 Value
you get it for free)

Here’s what you’ll learn inside this ebook:

How to turn "EvSecrets" into YOUR OWN profitable small business you can run from home.When you purchase the "Electric Conversion Made Easy" kit you also own the rights to build and resell the completed electric cars without paying me a thing. All profits you make will be your own.
Complete Information on Electric Car Credits and Rebates - how to get a federal income tax credit of 10% of the cost of the conversion, up to $4000 for US Citizens.
How to Cut the transportation cost down to zero by recharging your Electric Car using solar panels
How to save up to 80% of home electricity – including the charging of your electric car.
How to maintain your EV to get the most out of your car's components.
Important Safety Tips - Live to tell the story of your EV conversion!
How not to blow up your new EV batteries (Ventilation is the key – it's easy!)
Driving Tips For Extra Range (as efficient as EVs are, It does make a difference.)
A little known secret of extending the batteries life
8 simple tricks on how to improve an EV's range by up to 30%

Bonus #2

"50 Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Vehicles" ebook

($29 Value
you get it for free)

Here’s the complete list of questions that you’ll get an answer for.

Bonus #3

"Lithium Battery Guidebook"

($47 Value
you get it for free)

Here’s what you’ll learn inside this ebook:

Why Lithium is better than Lead.
Information on how long your batteries will REALLY last.
Explaining the technical jargon in plain English.
Range expectations of using Lithium batteries
Comparisons between other battery types
Examples of lithium powered conversions.
Several methods of reducing the overall cost of a lithium powered car (weight/aerodynamics/battery pack reduction/building your own BMS)
Explaining a Battery Management system in plain English
Ways to build your own Battery Management Systems
Worldwide sources to buy your batteries
Detailed Step-By-Step Installation Instructions
How to care for your batteries
Charging tips

And here's some even better news for you:
It's often an overused phrase, but this purchase is risk-free because I'll guarantee you'll start building your own electric car quickly, easily, and professionally with this product.

Sounds good? Well it should! And I'm making it even easier for you to get started...

My Personal Guarantee To You...

I'm absolutely confident that, when you download and read my ebook , you'll be thoroughly delighted that you made the decision to buy it.

That's why I'm happy to offer you my no-nonsense, personal and ethical guarantee.
If, after reading ‘Electric conversions made easy”, you don't feel you've been given information that will help build a reliable , safe and cost efficient electric car, then simply ask me for a refund, and I will promptly process it for you — up to a full 60 days from the time of purchase in fact, so you have absolutely nothing to lose.

I believe in ethical teaching and ethical trading. Your purchase is completely risk free.

To your success,


PS: Rather do it on your own? Want to save the money and invest your time instead? Of course you can do that! But it's time consuming and most people actually give up at the planning phase (I'm not kidding). They'll wait until they have more knowledge, or more motivation, or more time. Yeah, I've heard it all before. In the end, the electric car idea gets put on the shelf, the gas keeps getting pumped, and the wallet keeps getting drained. To me that seems pointless when you can start right here and right now.

P.P.S: If you buy my ebook today, you'll also be sent free bonus gifts that will open the doors for you to benefit directly from building your own electric car. The bonus gifts alone are valued at $115, and are yours today for absolutely nothing. Grab this offer today - while it's still free!

P.P.P.S: Once you've converted your car I'd love to see your conversion photos!
Please forward them to me at contact gavin shoebridge

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